Change your investment profile

We are an independent European asset manager with 19 years experience in Absolute Return. We design Risk Premia. We also combine them with less liquid external alphas to provide customised investment solutions. We serve institutions, family offices and independent financial advisors, worldwide.

Institutional partner

We work for the most prestigious and sophisticated financial investors. From family offices to pension funds and endowments, we help our investors to achieve their goals through outstanding risk-adjusted performance.

For over 19 years, we managed to remain an independent boutique, making our investment decisions 100% unbiased.

Science as a fuel

Science is everywhere at ERAAM.

We are organised around research committees and internal seminars. We maintain a proprietary database of publications, results and processes. And we are very sceptical. We build an agnostic and critical vision, and we share it corporately.

In the most competitive business field, we are convinced science is the only path to the best risk-adjusted performance to cost ratios.

Human capital

From traders to PhDs and IT engineers, we built a strong and diverse team in order to offer high intellectual property value to our investors.

We are convinced the research and production worlds are bound together. That's why we have teamed our researchers with our IT experts. Together, they build unified and flexible proprietary systems, from backtest to market execution, with data science and production best practices at their hearts.

24/7 service.