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With our strong equity expertise, from event-driven to long-term phenomenons, and our big data and IT skills, we design and implement a market-neutral, adaptive factor-based, and worldwide equity support: ERAAM Long Short Equity ©


Our views on factor investing

A simple idea

  • Some factors explain abnormal return
  • Many well-documented factors in the academic world, invested on for decades

In real life, many challenges on the way

  • Overfitting, execution costs, correlations
  • Differences in design, assembling and implementation lead to very different results

Our values

  • Scientific rigour and transparency
  • Cutting-edge and systematic implementation

True scientific approach and state-of-the-art engineering are key to achieve outperformance


Stocks universe

  • North America + Europe + Asia Pacific (ex-China) (developed markets)
  • Filter: Market Cap > 100 M€, Liquidity > 10 M€ daily
  • Blacklist: based on Ottawa and Oslo conventions

Stocks universe

Our investable universe covers 90% of the world’s market cap (ex-China)

Portfolio concentration

Portfolio concentration

Highly diversified portfolio, idiosyncratic risk reduced to its minimum

Country and sector exposures

  • Global gross exposure < 200%
  • Country net exposure < 5%, sector net exposure < 15%

Country and sector exposures

Ex-post portfolio factors exposure as of 07/2018

Ex-post portfolio factors exposure

ERAAM Long/Short Equity: pure factor investing

Our competitive edge

Our competitive edge


Risk and reward profile: 3.

This indicator measures the level of risk to which your capital is exposed and the Fund's performance.

The historical data used to calculate the synthetic indicator may not be a reliable indication of the Fund's future risk profile. The risk category associated with this Fund is not guaranteed and may change over time. Past performance is not an indication of future results. The weakest category does not mean no risk. The Fund does not benefit from any capital guarantee. The Fund has a risk level of 3 due to its exposure to the equity and foreign exchange markets.

The major risks for the Fund not taken into account in the indicator are: Counterparty risk:

  • Risk that the counterparty will be unable to honour its commitments, such as payment, delivery or repayment. Failure by the counterparty could lead to a fall in the Fund's net asset value.
  • Risk of using derivative instruments: derivative instruments are highly sensitive to changes in the value of the underlying assets. The higher the Fund's exposure to derivative instruments, the greater their impact on the Fund. Use of derivative instruments may cause the value of the Fund to rise or fall.
  • Liquidity risk: the Fund may invest in securities that are not easily tradable or may no longer be tradable on a temporary basis due to lack of volume on the market or to regulatory restrictions, which could have a negative impact on net asset value.